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Doffing of PPE There is a very high risk of contamination and therefore another individual should watch you doffing the PPE and alert you to any possibility of contamination Wash/clean the outer pair of gloves in water and thereafter remove the outer pair without touching the outside surface of the inner pair of gloves and discard into a medical waste bin ( Figure 4 ) – Donning and Doffing of full PPE in a Covid-19 patient (in hospital) setting – Donning and Doffing of a N95 mask – Donning and Doffing of a surgical mask You will need to watch each video in the respective module and pass () to receive your CPD certificate You will receive 2 CPD points

Instructions for Medical/Surgical Mask Use and Reuse

N95 Respirator Reuse – Instructions for Donning and Doffing Initial donning of the N95 respirator and personal protective equipment (PPE) • Before entering the room: • Perform hand hygiene • Don gown • Don the N95 respirator • Perform a negative/positive seal check by doing the following:

Mount Desert Island Hospital PPE DONNING Check List While working in PPE healthcare workers A scribe may also be used to facilitate reading of the instructions to allow the Buddy to focus attention solely on the donning and doffing process The Buddy/ Observer should not enter the room of a patient with Ebola with the HCW but will remain in the PPE removal area to observe and assist with

HOW: Teaching the Donning and Doffing of PPE1 Working version: April 20 2020 Tips on Donning and Doffing PPE: • Don't interrupt and don't allow any interruptions during a donning or doffing process Concentration matters • Tongwei your time Go slow Don't remove PPE quickly We worry about spread and aerosolizing • Careful when reaching for neck ties or velcro while doffing: o Keep

Part 4 Donning and Doffing PPE and Review Volunteers like you are often the first first responders in a crisis and offer the most immediate benefit and comfort to those effected This specialized level of training provides more complex skills instruction and goes more in-depth to cover health-related conditions as well as serious "on the ground" volunteer situations

Donning and Doffing PPE Standard Operating Procedure Adapted from UCLA EHS documents - 1 - Rev 01/2019 Principal Investigator: Date Approved: This SOP applies to donning and doffing PPE worn when handling hazardous materials It is important to don and doff PPE appropriately to ensure personnel protection because PPE may be contaminated with hazardous agents after use Don PPE in the

Donning Doffing PPE: N95 Version —

Donning Doffing PPE: N95 Version We mean this for our line of work: Intubating lines working on airway etc with C19+/C19? patientswhich is why we are so thorough and fully dressed (bouffant shoe covers etc ) Two options for reviewing: 1) Video on how to put on and take of the PPE/N95 when going to do some WORK This video was edited by UCHealth from the protocol Shital and I

Instructions for Donning and Doffing PPE:HCID Level 2 – PAPR Option HIgh consequence infectious disease (HCID) Readiness binder The following HCID Level 2 full barrier isolation personal protective equipment (PPE) is adapted from CDC guidance It is to be used by health care providers (HCP) who are caring for patients with confirmed Ebola or other viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) or persons

Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment by the General Public April 8 2020 Public Health Uncategorized An outcome of the COV-19 pandemic is the routine and in many cases improper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by the general public

PPE Instructions Donning and doffing N95 Reuse (with video) QUESTIONS ABOUT PRECAUTIONS PROCEDURES: Jerry Kelley Infection Control Senior Manager 907-458-6942 cell 907-371-8940 infectioncontrolfoundationhealth Details View Thumbnail View Download This Folder Item Listing: PPE Guidelines Title 1 PPE Guidelines for Patient Facing Staff at FHP Actions 06 15 2020

List of instructions for doffing of PPE based on that produced by Mdecins San Frontires References Mdecins Sans Frontires 2008 Filovirus Haemorrhagic Fever Guideline Annex 11 Page 97 MRC PPE Donning and Doffing Video Story Board by Isabel Baker Appendix 0 1 Document Version History Version number Change history Author Date 1 0 New B Nadjm 17 February 2020

Donning Doffing PPE: PAPR Version We mean this for our line of work: Intubating lines working on airway etc with C19+/C19? patientswhich is why we are so thorough and fully dressed (bouffant shoe covers etc ) Two options for reviewing: 1) Video on how to put on and take of the PPE/PAPR when going to do some WORK This video was edited by UCHealth from the protocol Shital and I

All required PPE and supplies available Sizes selected are correct for the healthcare worker PAPR – Follow all manufacturer instructions Test PAPR battery and airflow Ensure PAPR hood is intact – no visible cracks Reviews donning sequence with the healthcare worker aloud step-by-step Perform Hand hygiene – Allow hands to dry

Our cardiac cath labs will be taking care of patients with COVID-19 (C19) for at least a couple years In practicing for the C19 emergent cath case it became apparent that although we thought we knew what the instructions were for proper donning and doffing of PPE the actual steps we needed to take were not automatically understood

Donning and Removal of Personal Protection Equipment

Donning and Removal of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) March 20 2020 Video 1: The following video has instructions about the donning and doffing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) gear when assessing or caring for a suspected or known case of Coronavirus These instructions are also to be used when taking respiratory samples

DONNING PPE – High Risk Patient Page 1 *High risk: Patient is confirmed to have Ebola Virus Disease OR Patient is suspected to have Ebola Virus Disease AND • has high risk symptoms such as bleeding or uncontrolled diarrhea or uncontrolled vomiting or • is unstable and requires a high risk procedure such as an aerosol generating medical procedure (includes intubation open

Usage and disposal of PPE in a primary care setting Re-using eye protection Keeping patients yourself and staff safe: PPE is a precious resource and should be used judiciously Go back to our main COVID-19 webpage Pinnacle position statement - 8 April 2020 COVID-19 is likely to be around for a long time and while it is vital we keep ourselves safe the health system also needs to manage

Instructions and signage: Instruction posters (donning and doffing cards) for the new PPE ensemble can be found in annexes 1 and 2 It is recommended that they are clearly visible in the donning and doffing area but should not replace the support of a 'doffing buddy' to ensure all stages are followed safely Clear zone demarcations are recommended and can be reinforced visually at the

Ebola Trained Observer and Donning and Doffing Train-the-Trainer Course This class as written is designed for 16 students and 1 instructor to last 8 hours We require a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 students for this class (must be an even number with pairs from each facility) It is intended to teach only the Trained Observer and Donning and Doffing Skills Students will receive a

Donning/Doffing Practice Sessions 5 Instructor checks for any potential breaches and applies GloGerm 6 DE reads doffing instructions and helps partner remove PP E according to guidelines for low output PPE Observers watches and guides as DE inspects HCW for any signs of contamination 7 Once fully doffed an instructor uses a UV flashlight