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Surgical Gowns and Drapes Microbial cleanliness tensile and bursting strength or liquid penetration tests are paramount to ensure the maximum efficacy against infections especially in hospitals In a hospital environment health staff's clothes provide a safety barrier for both patients and themselves About medical gowns Gowns are examples of personal protective equipment used in health care settings They are used to protect the wearer from the spread of infection or illness if the wearer comes in contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material They may also be used to help prevent the gown wearer from transferring microorganisms that could harm vulnerable patients such as

AAMI PB70 Gowns

Different gowns offer different fabric weights to provide two levels of protection Protection - meets AAMI Levels 2 1 These gowns meet the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) PB70 standard "Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care

Gowns Apparel Drapes Hollowware Sponges Swabs Gauze Cotton Towels Wipes Laparoscopic Instruments Instruments Sterilisation Products Dressings Bandages Pads Under-pads Electrosurgical Accessories Other Consumables Gowns and Apparel Our gowns leverage state of the art material technologies to bring you the very best in protection and comfort We have

By crafting surgical gowns with integrity and care we're proud to give you everything you need so you can be certain that you have the right gown for every procedure When you choose Cardinal Health you're getting more than physical product We're dedicated to making sure you have what is needed to give you peace of mind Insights that give your staff every advantage Integrity that

Drapes have been used during invasive procedures to maintain the sterility of environmental surfaces equipment and patients This article reviews the use of gowns and drapes in healthcare facilities including the characteristics costs benefits and barrier effectiveness of single-use and reusable products Currently gowns protect

Barrier products for use in disposable diapers e g leg cuff Medical gowns drapes and sterile wrap products for use in operating theatres Industrial protective clothing Absorbents: cloths oil absorption media Filtration: liquids gas and air Sanitary products: baby diapers feminine cloths pads wrappings and inserts to control absorption Hygiene: baby and adult diapers Medical

Surgical Drapes and Gowns

The global market for Surgical Drapes and Gowns is projected to reach US$3 7 billion by 2025 driven by spiraling rise in the number of surgeries and medical examinations performed worldwide Growing burden of cancer and cardiovascular disorders especially is driving demand for life-saving surgical interventions Given the growing severity of diseases especially infectious diseases complex

Our AAMI level 3 and 4 fabrics are an efficient barrier against fluids including alcohol and microbial penetration while remaining breathable Pursuing high level of quality and safety our gowns fit all type of operations : from the minimally invasive and clean procedures using our Standard Gowns to the wet surgeries for which we have designed breathable reinforced front and impermeable

Surgical Gowns Introducing our Promed Liquid Barrier Performance and Classification of Protective Apparel and Drapes Intended for Use in Health Care Facilities establishes the minimum barrier performance requirements a classification system and associated labeling requirements for protective apparel intended for use in healthcare facilities Gown Selection Chart Low Protection Basic

3M™ Surgical Drapes Gowns and Custom Procedure Trays Range Guide The 3M™ Surgical Drape range From the leader in Medical Adhesive and Drape Materials Surgeons all over the world rely on 3M for many of their draping needs 3M has made use of innovative technologies to create a highly advanced range of single-use surgical drapes for the highest level of performance and reliability

By being able to select the right barrier for the procedure at hand – nothing more nothing less – materials managers can feel confident that they're protecting their patients and staff with the best possible product while not overspending on gowns or drapes that are unnecessary The Kimberly-Clark Color Key also addresses this issue by ensuring that caregivers know exactly what type of

Reusable Surgical Drapes and Gowns : Surgical Drape Barrier Fabric : The Champion Medical Products Reusable Surgical Gown and Drape Program is acknowledged as one of the best in North America Our breathable high-performance Level 4 surgical products offer liquid-proof protection without compromising comfort Reusable Surgical Drapes – Level 4 : 25XD – Level 4 Large Table Cover

3M has fundamentally laid the foundation for infection prevention in the theatre: from pre-op to intra-op to post-op Backed by the broadest portfolio for perioperative solutions 3M collaborates with you to help your facility manage surgical site infection-associated risk

Selection and use of protective apparel and surgical drapes in health care facilities AAMI TIR11:2005 Technical Information Report PREVIEW COPY This is a preview edition of an AAMI guidance document and is intended to allow potential purchasers to evaluate the content of the document before making a purchasing decision For a complete copy of this AAMI document contact AAMI at (800) 332-2264


NONWOVENS HEALTHCARE MATERIALS SURGICAL GOWNS AND DRAPES STERILIZATION WRAPS SCRUB SUITS ISOLATION GOWNS FACEMASKS FOOTWEAR HEADWEAR Our Healthcare Nonwoven materials provide the most effective and comprehensive protection from HAI's Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Blood Blocking Efficiency Berry 45GSM SMS Cotton 97% 33% Cotton

With some of the most advanced SMS fabric available Sirus surgical gowns offer a high level of comfort Dependable protection from five fabric layers three densely-packed meltblown layers sandwiched between two strong spunbound outer layers for an excellent barrier against fluids and pathogens AAMI Level 3 protection Available in sizes Small (41 104 cm) Large (43 109 cm) X

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Reusable Disposable Isolation Gowns : A perfect Isolation gown must be effective in providing a high level of protection against the fluids and microorganisms We provide disposable Isolation gowns of Polyester full length fluid resistance elastic cuff waist tie for Maximum Coverage These reusable isolation gowns are available in yellow color

Disposable Gowns Non-woven made of four layers for optimal patient and wearer protection 3M TM High Performance Surgical Disposable Gowns Standard and Reinforced Outer layer Spunbond repellent fabric 2 Middle layers Meltblown fluid control bacterial barrier Inner layer Spunbond strength SMMS non-woven fabric Traditional 3M disposable surgical gown Light and soft material keeps the

Surgical Drape Sheets Foliodrape Surgical drape Reliable barrer against contamination Foliodrape Drape Sheets self-adhesive Highly reliable fluid and bacteria barrier Foliodrape Fenestrated Drapes A reliable barrier against contamination Foliodrape Fenestrated Drapes self-adhesive Highly reliable fluid and bacteria barrier Foliodrape Fenestrated Drapes self-adhesive two parts

Gown and drape manufacturers currently provide surgical gowns and drapes having barrier protection commensurate with the AAMI protection levels The surgical gowns and drapes are usually identified as having a specific AAMI barrier protection level on the outer packaging of the gown or drape Thus a surgical team member must read the information printed on the outer packaging to find the gown